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The Unbelievable Lot for Sale in San Ramon

2.5 acres

Let’s just get to the point – Only 42,000USD! for over 2 ACRES!  in a REAL neighborhood with REAL roads! in San Ramon Costa Rica!

Electric and Water AT the property so pulling building permits is a breeze!  ok, a Costa Rica breeze, but it doesn’t get better than this!

Owner financed AND seller paying closing costs!

Located in Rancho Lobo!!!! One of the most desirable private neighborhoods in Angeles Sur de San Ramon, Alajuela!

2 Flattened plantels ready to build AND a driveway cut in at the bottom!

Native fruit trees, gorgeous green mountain views from the entire upper acreage, then slopes down to a more jungle based private feel at the bottom.  Beautiful for gardens!!!

OVER 2 ACRES!!!! grow what you want, build what you want, and know this is a nice neighborhood or expats, ticos, artists, musicians, doctors, restaurant owners. There is also a small brook at the bottom, and a shared river/waterfall walk that the community maintains.

Bus stop down the road – about a 5 min walk.

Local school, catholic church, and soccer field about 5 minutes walk.

10 min drive to San Ramon Central – one of the most up and coming cities in Costa Rica because it still just feels like a BIG TOWN .  And the people here keep it that way despite all the modern amenities like high end private and public healthcare, multiple private and public bilingual schools, private and public gyms and rec centers, art centers, museums – the list goes on an on!

Call me for more info – just became owner financed as of 5/15/2020 so get on this right away!


$$$$$ Qs?  Call us to find out if this realistically fits your budget.  You can build a nice 2br/1ba house with some place like Concrepal for about 50-75,000USD and move to Costa Rica for only 100,000USD!




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