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A Look Inside:Living in San Ramon de Alajuela, Costa Rica and the Central Highlands

    Living in San Ramon Costa Rica with Children

    I thought the washer and dryer would be completely appropriate as a cover photo for anything having to do with kids in ANY country! lol…  but isn’t that a nice laundry room?  its h3re in CR in a house we have for sale- so questoin #1 answered.  YES!  we have w/d systems and hot water!

    Next … Hi!!! Welcome!!!!

    That is the feeling we have had everywhere we go in Costa Rica with our family of 5, sometimes 7, sometimes more!  We moved here when our kids were around 2, 4 and 12, and we have been here for almost 4 years and counting.  San Ramon is especially great for us because of the schools, hospital (we have been there several times!),  central location, tons of activities and classes for kids, and just the fact that it is filled with families – mostly tico, but with several of us mixed and gringo families moving in. While the area for expats has really grown due to the retiree community, families like ours are taking notice of San Ramon more and more.

    First –  Its tico living here! and many expat families want to feel like they are in Costa Rica, not just a suburb of the US.  They want to experience the culture, the language, the arts, the laid back lifestyle, and the pura vida.  It also comes with security and safety – we are not a tourist area or one of the big expat areas that attracts crime.
    Second – the price point.  Several areas of Costa Rica that originally attracted families are just too expensive.  Even if you do find a good deal on a house sale or rental, how about every day things?  Food, schools, even presents for birthday parties – when a barbie doll starts at $22, you do the math.  Living here, everything is a little cheaper, and housing is DEFINITELY cheaper.
    Third – The Mountains.  The weather is spring time year round – average temps are low 60s at night and low 80s by day.  The air is clean and fresh.  Views are to mountains, volcanos, Oceans and the Gulf of Nicoya.  No need for heat or a/c translates into more $ in your pocket book, ease of living with the kids, and not worrying about emissions from heating or cooling sources.

    So, combine all those things and tell me – where else can you build a brand new Ocean View 3 BR/2BA home, furnish it and move in for under 220k with the lot and everything included???  Or buy a beautiful turnkey 2BR/2BA home with an unfinished attached apartment for $190? With Ocean views and fruit trees and wonderful neighbors?

    Moving to San Ramon with kids comes with tons of questions.  And while we have a lot of the answers, we also work with different experts in residency, healthcare, building and several different areas to help answer those questions that may be particular to you, and out of our scope.  So contact us for a tour, spend a week at our B&B and explore on your own, or just ask us questions!  Although much of moving here will require a leap of faith, we can be with you through the process from start to finish to make sure you have a safe and comfortable start here in the beautiful mountains around the Central Valley of Costa Rica.



    SCHOOL: 3 private bilingual schools right in San Ramon.  Range in price form $75/month to #300/month depending on age of child and school

    several public schools are also available with VERY high-end curriculums and require testing to get in.  if your child speaks English, you are likely to get a spot but time to sign up for testing is short

    Palmares:  IB School – one of 23 schools in Costa Rica that offers a HS diploma for US universities, Costa Rican universities and European – it offer 3 degrees upon completion and is FREE in Palmares, just 10 minutes away.

    St. Augustin’s has 2 of my friends daughters for students and they both rave about it.  Private in Palmares.  One is a retired teacher so she should know!

    2 Universities in San Ramon with entire collection of majors to choose from


    local public hospital, also heard they are building a brand new one as we speak!

    Private medical center – Jackson memorial has couples and family packages to cover all you day to day healthcare needs.  does not cover emergency.  package price varies on number in family and ages, but is a yearly pay in and then all services are reduced 50-60%!!! .  And my out of pocket healthcare expenses there even before they made the package was the same as my co-pay and deductible up north.  so…. I’m going to sign us all up this week!

    local holistic doctor in Grecia, 30 min away

    Future new moms and dads: Dr. Rojas is in San Ramon – gyno and OBGYN – has the ONLY BIRTHING CENTER in COSTA RICA in San Ramon, 5 minutes from our B&B and several mothers spend a few weeks here during the birthing process so they don’t have to birth in the hospital where c-sections are normal, and lots of shots are mandatory, more even than the US from what I understand.  So we have heard great things about it!

    Send me any questions you may have and I will do my best to answer them!

    New favorite listing is in Palmares – 3/2.5 with volcano views form upper terraces, just 190k!  large, bright, airy easy to maintain house!!!  little community playground next door and just 5 min to that IB HS I mentioned above, and St. Augistin’s

    Kimberly Rubens-Quiros

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