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Investment Properties

The Mountain Towns of the Central Valley, also know as the Central Highlands, are known for sweeping vistas of the Pacific Ocean and the Nicoya Peninsula, amazing views to the Volcanos, or peaceful locations in green pastures and tropical gardens. We are in a perfect climate with no need for air-conditioning or heat, and enjoy a cultural melting pot of ticos and expats – this is not a tourist or all expat area.  With our close proximity to San Jose and the International airport (20-45 minutes), its no wonder so many expats and ticos have relocated here from within and outside the country.

And the area is ripe for new development.  Being close enough to Heredia, San Jose and Alajuela for working families, as well as retirees looking for close proximity to the private hospitals, SJO and other amenities of those larger areas, it is a prime spot offering all those things without the crowds, and at a price point you won’t believe.

San Ramon has several large tracts of land for sale, and only ONE residential development geared towards expats.  This portfolio will cover the properties we have for sale that have room for 5-100 homes. Each area can meet part of the demand for gated communities where expats can safely build and securely leave their homes to travel. A handful have been developed more than others, with roads and more infrastructure formed, planos and building sights.  Some are raw mountainsides waiting for your vision.

We strive to work with developers who will maintain the environment of San Ramon as a local town and eco-friendly area that appreciates the tourism industry as long as it is sustainable to our environment.  Browse our portfolio here for a few of these opportunities.  If you don’t see what you are looking for, let us know.  We have access to many resources to find just the right property for you.