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Costa Rica Real Estate Q&A

Real Estate Q&A

If you are like most people moving to Costa Rica, you have a ton of questions, and want some real answers.  Whether you are buying a farm in San Ramon, or renting a Villa in Atenas, you have questions about how those processes happen, from start to finish.  But moving to a foreign country invites a whole set of other questions as well.  Can you own property here in Costa Rica if you aren’t a resident or even open a bank account?  How do you pay rent?  How do you get your pets here, or even your mail?  Some realtors just want to sell you a piece of the pie and move on.  We try and give you the whole pie – whatever you need to move here.  That’s the best way we know how to take care of you – we can answer a ton of basic questions, and refer you to the right people for more complicated ones.  We are not experts in residency or healthcare, but we do know people who are.   And we can answer all your real estate questions as well.  Want to more about San Ramon where we live?  Or other areas of Costa Rica?  The best way to start is take a tour and find where you want to live.  Even better, take a real estate and relocation tour like ours so you REALLY know what its like to live in those areas!  You can also check right here for great Q&A and real truths about buying and renting here in the mountains of the Central Valley – the Central highlands of Costa Rica.  Don’t see what you are looking for?  Contact us directly – we usually get back to you within 24 hours.