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Beautiful Mountainview Lots for Sale San Ramon Costa Rica – Views as Far as the Eye Can see

Mountainview Lots for Sale San Ramon Costa Rica


Nicely maintained lots with everything ready ot build and paved streets…

Private, secure and maintained development at a good price.  7 minutes from the big University town of San Ramon with all the amenities you need and want.

Quick break down – gated entry, new asphalt road with cul-de-sac, all drainage and infrastructure in place –  Electric AND water in place at entrance of each lot.

Lot #1 – 1368m2 for $30,000USD

Lot#2 – 1679m2 for $50,000USD (ready to build right away – earth removal and flattened area, retaining wall in place)

Lot#3 – 5001m2 for $115,000USD

Lot#4 – 5071m2 for $98,000USD

Lot#5 – 6315m2 for $110,000USD

Lot#6 – 5236m2 for $110,000USD

Lot#7 – 5184m2 for $125000USD


Or buy them all for $480k

These Mountain view Lots for Sale in San Ramon Costa Rica have that amazing feel you have been looking for, and at a good price.  The lights on the hills at night are just as beautiful as the green slopes by day.

We have 7 undeveloped lots in a little upcoming development, just about 5 minutes from San Ramon town about 100 meters from the BRAND NEW concrete road.  Electric, water and roads in place!!!!

All the reasons you are looking are here – the gorgeous mountain views that roll on and on, perfect climate at about 3500 ft above sea level, a tico area with a few expats mixed in for ease of life transfer – its all here.  Plus, the entrance to the little development is on a road with a bus line right into town.  Again – 7 minutes away on a paved street (though a bus will likely be longer time than a car).  And since there are only 7 lots, very little will be going on around you, and everything else is pasture and coffee fields as far as the eye can see.  The street has a Community Group that chats about everything from Christmas Parties for the neighborhood kids to who was driving too fast past the school!

Interested in being an investor on this great project?  Lets talk!  Each lot is 1600-5000 m2 and has a naturally flattened area to build a home, put in a pool, tennis court, whatever you want with minimal earth moving.  There are some limitations on the building area of the larger lots, but that is a Costa Rica law in order to maintain the agricultural feel of the community.  And we fully support that.  Interested in going green with your building?  Talk to us about the different ways you can build your environmentally friendly home here in Costa Rica — from solar panels to water recycling, and its pays off in the end.  Worried about the price-tag for building here?  Just to give an idea, a basic, 1200 ft2 home would run a bout 100,000k with all the trimmings.  So for 150k -200k, you could design and build your own brand new eco-friendly home right here in Paradise on a nice manageable lot.  Not bad!  Come see what you can do today!




Kim Rubens-Quiros

From NY and San Jose, we are a mixed gringa/tico couple with a dream of sharing our wonderful area of San Ramon with you! Pura vida!

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