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409 sq mtr 390 sq mtr 3 Bedrooms 1 Bathrooms Year Built: 2008

Great opportunity to own a beautiful home with an income producing business right next door.  This business runs itself!  Present income is $1600USD/month, once finished $3000USD/month.  Buy now for $600,000 with gorgeous house next door, or wait till whole dorm is finished at which time the price will go up to $750,o00USD.


Warehouse style dorm its on 409 square meters (.10 acres) of land in the San Pedro area. Quick five-minute (5) drive into the center of San Ramon.  Rooms rented to students from UCR, doubles or singles.

Entire house and dormitory built by an American builder, to American codes.

Now:  7 bedrooms

2 bathrooms with 2 showers each (1 girls, 1 boys)

sala/living room


Adding: 6 more bedrooms

another kitchen, living room and lounge area

2 more bathrooms

Being sold in combination with the beautiful house next door. Click here to see this listing.

Buy bow for $600,000USD, house, business, and gross $1600/month – could rent out house as well for an additional $1000+/month.  Finish the rest of the dorm rooms your self!

Once additional rooms are finished, price will be $750,000USD and estimated rent roll will be an additional $1400, or $3000/total for dormitory, plus a possible $1000+ for the house if you choose not to live there.  But check out the house – its really beautiful,  just  few years old, with lots of high-end details.





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