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A Look Inside:Living in San Ramon de Alajuela, Costa Rica and the Central Highlands

PROPERTY HAS BEEN RENTED!!!!: Long-Term Furnished Rental in San Pedro for Qualified Tenants; 3 bedrooms/ 2 bathrooms $750/month (Tenant pays utilities) GREAT HOME!!!


San Pedro Home RENTED



 *** Beautiful property located in the San Pedro neighborhood of San Ramon. A short 7-minute drive into the heart of town. Absentee owner who desires a long-term lease for anywhere from one year to three years in duration. As a special term, the owner would like to be able to visit San Ramon and stay in the home as well for  3-4 weeks each year. This is ideal for tenants who like to travel out of Costa Rica for a few weeks out of the year to visit with family and friends back home. The owner would come down and stay in the home while you’re away!!! If you’re not the traveling type, but you are comfortable sharing your space with some pleasant company, this rental would work nicely as well. Either way, the tenant would not be responsible for rent during the time that the owner stays at the house.

*** 3 bedrooms/2 bathrooms, fully furnished for $750/month. Tenant pays all utilities, which include: electricity, water, Internet, and Tigo TV.


Exterior 1



Hand Crafted Front Door



Kitchen 1



Kitchen 2
















Bedroom Currently Used as Office


*** Beautiful outdoor space to enjoy, including a hammock, a sitting area, and a picnic table. Stunning mountain views!


Exterior 2



Outdoor Picnic Area


*** Contact us for more information, to schedule a viewing, or to secure the rental “site unseen”. PURA VIDA!!!


Kim Rubens-Quiros

From NY and San Jose, we are a mixed gringa/tico couple with a dream of sharing our wonderful area of San Ramon with you! Pura vida!


  • Norman Siegel 10 years ago

    Hola Frank,
    We are settled in Alajuela. Living on Social Security is OK, but things are very tight till we get a Resolution and become Pensionados so we can get on CAJA. Our meds right now are very expensive, and that eats up a lot of the budget. We have a nice apartment (1 bedroom), that is $600 per month. We only have to pay electric, that has been as high as $45, and down to 30. We are less than 1 block to the bus stop, and have been able to get into town a few times a week. We have been to Walmart for shopping as well as Mas e Menos, Automercado, and the Feria on Saturdays.
    We would like to look into other cities, but at present it is tough to do till we get on CAJA.
    Thanks for keeping us in mind though, would love to meet and talk one day.

    Norman & Frankie Siegel

    • Frank 10 years ago

      Thanks for the update, Norman! Have you managed to get your residency straightened out yet? CAJA will defintely help as far as keeping the costs down for your meds. They’re FREE! They may be synthetic versions and/or alternatives to your current medications, but everyone here seems to do pretty well with it. I wish you the best of luck and let’s stay in touch! PURA VIDA

    • Frank 10 years ago

      Now that I know that you and your wife are coming in December I can finally say: WELCOME TO SAN RAMON, Norman & Frankie!!!


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