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A Look Inside:Living in San Ramon de Alajuela, Costa Rica and the Central Highlands

HUGE Mixed-Use Property with Virtually Unlimited Potential; 11.5 Acres Near Town with Multiple Structures, Fresh Building Sites, and a River with Waterfalls: $475,000

River 2


*** This powerhouse of opportunity consists of 46,582 square meters (11.51 acres) of rolling green hills and mixed-use property. Located in the San Pedro area, the property is only a short 5-minute drive into the center of San Ramon. You get to enjoy the tranquility and peace of nature while having the convenience of a close proximity to town. Relax by the river with the ability to be in the supermarket in five minutes. The best of both worlds!!!

*** Used previously as a fully-operational and fairly large-scale animal farm, the property includes several huge, covered animal runs/ stables/ work areas, and many other rustic buildings, including an office, an outdoor bathroom, and two small homes (each with two bedrooms, a bathroom, kitchen, dining and living area).


Road Frontage




Empty Chicken Runs.  Stables 1




Empty Chicken Runs.  Stables 2




Empty Chicken Runs.  Stables 3




Empty Chicken Runs.  Stables 4




Empty Chicken Runs.  Stables 5




Empty Chicken Runs.  Stables 6




More Storage. Work Space




More Storage. Workspace 2



Office Building




Outdoor Bathroom




House 1 Exterior 3




House 1 Exterior 2




House 1 Exterior 1




House 1 Kitchen 1




House 1 Kitchen 2




House 1 Kitchen 3




House 1 Dining-room




House 1 Living-room




House 1 Bathroom




House 1 Room




House 1 Outdoor Kitchen 2




House 1 Outdoor Kitchen 1


*** 2nd house is also rustic and has 2 bedrooms.


House 2 Exterior 1




House 2 Interior 1




House 2 Interior 2




House 2 Bathroom




House 2 Interior 3


*** In addition to all of these usable structures, there are at least four (4) phenomenal building sites throughout the property if you have a desire to either develop the land for yourself OR sell off individual lots. One of the building sites enjoys an ocean-view and that particular plot of land is also the one that is closest to the road. Flowers, eucalyptus trees, and numerous fruit trees scattered all over the property, including mango, marañón, papaya, mandarina dulce, guaba, naranja, guayaba, limón, mandarina, and aguacate (avocado)… Bamboo plants rise tall as you approach the tranquility of the river and the waterfalls…. 


Ocean-view Plantel Near Road




Ocean-view Plantel Near Road 2




Beautiful Flowers




Land 2




Land 3




Land 4




Land 5




Land 6




View of Structures from Below




Land 7




Land 10




Road. Path Below




Land 12




Land 13




Land 14




Eucalyptus Tree Bark 1




Eucalyptus Tree Bark 2




Land 15




Land 16




Land 17








River 4




River 5




River 6



*** This amazing piece of real estate has virtually unlimited potential… You can use it all for yourself as a personal playground, turn it into a family compound, run several different types of businesses from it, or do all of that and still sell off a few of the other building sites below. $475,000 USD is an extremely reasonable price for a flexible and gorgeous property such as this. Contact us to schedule a viewing. PURA VIDA!!!!!


Kim Rubens-Quiros

From NY and San Jose, we are a mixed gringa/tico couple with a dream of sharing our wonderful area of San Ramon with you! Pura vida!

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