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A Look Inside:Living in San Ramon de Alajuela, Costa Rica and the Central Highlands

71 Acres of RAW BEAUTY; Ocean-view Coffee Producing Farm with Amazing Streams and Waterfalls… Twenty (20) Titled Building Sites ONLY $595,000 USD

Berlin Finca 9


*** 28.7 hectares (approximately 71 acres) of raw and relatively unbridled nature. Every step you take on this amazing piece of land is filled with wonderment and a real sense of tranquility. Located on the Western slopes of Berlin in San Ramon, the property consists of some of the best coffee growing soil and conditions in the entire country. Isolated for peace and privacy, and yet close enough to all of the amenities that you’re still connected to civilization when you want to be. It’s about a 30-minute drive or less into the center of San Ramon, and less than an hour away from the airport and beaches. The farm is bordered by public roads on two sides. 



70 Acre Coffee Farm Berlin 1



70 Acre Coffee Farm Berlin 3



70 Acre Coffee Farm Berlin 5



 *** This property was purchased and developed by three teachers from Seattle, WA who wanted to grow an ecologically sustainable community in a place where the climate is steady and ideal for comfort. They chose San Ramon and this piece of pristine real estate as the canvas for their hopes and dreams. The idea was to create a like-minded community consisting of twenty (20) homes on this incredible piece of land. Ocean views, waterfalls, streams, natural springs, thick forest and jungle, hiking trails, wildlife everywhere, fruit trees, and approximately twenty (20) acres of profitable coffee plants. What more could you ask for?  


Berlin Finca 1



Berlin Finca 2



Berlin Finca 3



Berlin Finca 4



Berlin Finca 5



Berlin Finca 6



Berlin Finca 7




Berlin Finca 10


*** The caretaker of the property and local outdoor expert, Diego, would be more than happy to continue providing his services to the new owner’s of the land. Diego is a fantastic resource and is worth his weight in gold. He knows every inch of this parcel and has a wonderful personality. 

*** The coffee producing part of the farm has been vastly improved over the last several years through diligence and special care. The property originally only produced about 600 pounds of green coffee beans per year, but now yields 12,000- 13,000 pounds of very high quality beans each year. The coffee made here is the greatly sought after Arabic Catuai variety, and the farm is certified sustainable by the RainForest Alliance. 


70 Acre Coffee Farm Berlin 4



70 Acre Coffee Farm Berlin 2



Berlin Finca 12


*** In addition to the current production of 12,000- 13,000 pounds per year, there have been more than 5,000 new coffee plants put in that will begin producing in the next year or so. Also, 200+ fruit trees have been planted, interior roads and paths have been cleared, and the twenty designated home sites were surveyed and registered (titled) for individual ownership. A pond for tilapia has been excavated along the stream and a picnic area was created around the pond. A large, flat area consisting of approximately two acres is now cleared for the growing of food for the community and areas for raising cattle, pigs, and chickens have been identified. A rough caretaker/ picker home is currently on the property and it has running water, a bathroom, and solar lighting. The project is primed and ready to be completed by a new owner with fresh energy and blood. The current owners are unable to continue and are hoping to find the people who are meant to complete this beautiful vision. This is an extremely special property and has the potential to be a phenomenal community in the hills of San Ramon. Are you ready to take the torch and run with it? Grow wild with the orchids… 


Berlin Finca 11



Berlin Finca 8



Berlin Finca 13


*** Property is owned in the name of a Costa Rican corporation for ease of transfer. Listing Price of $595,000 USD includes this corporation. 

Come out and play!!!!! PURA VIDA

Kim Rubens-Quiros

From NY and San Jose, we are a mixed gringa/tico couple with a dream of sharing our wonderful area of San Ramon with you! Pura vida!


  • Shauna Ries 9 years ago

    I would be interested in viewing this property while I am in Costa Rica.

    • Frank 9 years ago

      Hola, Shauna! It will be my pleasure to show this lovely property to you when you and Genna visit later on this year. I hope that you enjoyed your recent trip and I’m looking very forward to meeting and working with both of you! PURA VIDA

  • Dana(Woody) Crocker 9 years ago

    Hola, i tried to send a large message previously and will leave the elaboration until you contact me back. I muct simply inform you that i represent a few potential buyers along with myself that would like to see the proerty as soon as possible this coming week. Thanks woody

    • Frank 9 years ago

      Thank you for contacting Paradise Management, Woody! I have sent you a private message so that we may arrange for a showing of this amazing property for you. I look forward to meeting you!


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