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Triangle Real Estate Tour

Not sure what town to call home? Take a guided tour of the residential neighborhoods and commercial centers of 3 of our surrounding towns.  Typically includes San Ramon and Atenas, then a choice of Esparza, La Garrita or Grecia.  If Grecia is your chosen 3rd town, you will drive through Sarchi and Naranjo on return to San Ramon.

This is a great way to see many of the typical expat areas of our central highlands and get a flavor of the different environments, altitudes, city centers, and driving distances from one to another.  We take you through gated communities as well as typical tico neighborhoods  – David grew up here in Costa Rica and has returned after 20 years in NY.  Get his unique perspective during this informative tour!

$150/4 hours
Maximum: 4 adults

If you choose to stop for lunch in one of the towns, that is not included, but will not deduct from the 4 hours.