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San Ramon Costa Rica Relocation Tours

San Ramon Costa Rica Relocation Tours

What is it like to live in San Ramon Costa Rica?  Why do so many people choose to live in the mountains of the Central Valley?  Come find out!  This tour is geared towards you – we visit different neighborhoods to get an idea of where you want to live – tico residential areas near town, expensive gated communities on the outskirts, farmland with free range chickens…. whatever your idea of Paradise, we will show you where to find it and what it costs.  We will spend time exploring San Ramon centro – from walking through the local supermarkets to the post office.  We will window shop at the Import stores to see a selection of appliances and costs, visit the furniture store to see how easy it is to find quality items here, and take a look around town and get an feel for the area in general.  Lunch is at our local jaunt on the 4 hour tour.  Are you a family with children looking to live in San Ramon?  We can visit some of the schools, and discuss how the education system works here.  Are you looking to retire but would like to be part of something special?  We can visit with other expats who volunteer, are part of the CAA, and take part in all kinds of groups from art classes to gardening clubs.

We will also talk about how to move — what to bring, what not to bring, how to pack, real information on shipping a car vs. buying a car, healthcare, residency-  you name it!  And our Real Estate business gives us a unique background for helping you look at our area, so let us know if you would like to see the insides of a few homes to give you an idea of prices and what you get for your money here.

And people ask us all the time – Why did we choose San Ramon? Well, we searched around Costa Rica for 15 year looking for the right place to move our ever growing family, taking into consideration our parents would be retiring here and living with us and our 3 children (now ages 5,7 and 13).  San Ramon fit the bill for our whole family – of all ages!  So come find out if San Ramon is your Pura Vida!

2 hour tour/$50USD; 4 hour tour $150 (includes lunch)
Maximum: 4 adults

If you would like to spend the night at our San Ramon B&B – Vista Valverde, we offer a nightly package of $250 that includes our 4 hour tour, leaving you in town to explore on your own and have dinner, taxi back to the B&B, win in your room, breakfast in the morning overlooking the Pacific Coast and Nicoya Gulf (weather permitting).  We can arrange for taxi service to your next destination as well.