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Properties for Rent in San Ramon Costa Rica are a great way to explore the area while you find your forever home for purchase, or just to spend a year abroad and see if its your cup of tea (or cafe!). We sometimes have rentals in the other towns we cover, but most rentals are in San Ramon Alajuela, and Atenas Alajuela. Both are within an hour of San Jose and the beach, and close to all the amenities expats are looking for (we know! we live here!)

We have weekly, short term and long term rentals available, for all budgets in all locations.  But we don’t have them all the time! Finding a rental is not always easy here so keep a back-up plan in mind, and keep yourself flexible.  Maybe you take a week-to-week rental while you look for something more permanent.  We never suggest renting something sight unseen, but if you find the “perfect rental” for 3 months, during the busiest time of the year (Nov-April) you may want to throw caution to the wind and just take it. People rent homes for a few months without seeing them all the time, all over the world. If you have to rent a place during the high season without seeing it first, talk to us and let us help you find one that meets your needs – your wants may need to wait! Some folks do great looking ahead of time, some folks do better looking the moment they come – there is no exact recipe for success.

Rentals vary in size, amenities, proximity to town, amount of neighbors, neighborhoods, plus more. For the best selection, check here. If you don’t see what you are looking for, contact us and let us know what you are looking for – sometimes rentals come and go before we can even list them! I can’t guarantee we will find you something, but we can try! Typically a 2BR/2BA home in the country, built to American Standards, costs about 1000/month. Sometimes there are several rentals, sometimes there are absolutely none. Usually the winter up north is the hardest time to secure a rental, and please do not come in June and expect a landlord to hold a rental for you until October, unless it is a long term rental. Then they may make an exception. And if you are moving to Costa Rica, remember – you are ready for adventure! Finding a place to live is just part of that. Pura vida!

For more info on rentals, check our Q&A section here.
House Rentals in San Ramon Costa Rica
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